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Men vs SELA


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Interesting tweet from Avi zaleon:


"@avi_zaleon: Of note, Walter Umphrey is at Tic Price's final game as Lamar interim head coach. Hadn't seen Umphrey at any previous games."


Was he the one that ponied up the $400k to get rid of Knight? If he wants Price as the next head coach then will it happen?

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At the half SLU 27 LU 24.


Lamar held for the last shot of the half, missed a three pointer, and missed the put back. They were as much as 11 points down at one time.


Getting a lot of shots, but only shooting 24% in the first half.


LU 3's: 2-14 SLU 3's: 2-5

LU FG: 7-29 SLU FG: 8-21

LU is leading in rebounds 21-15

Both teams are doing a good job with free throws. SLU is 9-11 LU is 8-10.

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Unless at least two maybe three players leave, next year is not going to be significantly better no matter who the coach is unless Tyran is fantastic and can carry the team. With only one open scholarship LU will have to get extremely lucky to find a recruit to come in and lead the way. There really is no one on this years team that shows the promise to be a go to player.
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