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Cardinals prep for first fall scrimmage


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Saturday's workout will be the first of three scheduled scrimmages (Aug. 16th and Aug. 23rd). After a tough first week of battling the southeast Texas heat and humidity, in addition to summer classes, the Cardinals will switch up their workout schedule for next week. Lamar will take a day off from workouts Sunday with the focus on position meetings. Monday Lamar will resume with its 7:30 p.m. workout, but they will turn right back around and take the field at 5:30 a.m. for Tuesday. Following the early morning workout, the players will take the rest of the day off. The Cardinals will return to practice Wednesday evening.




Fall Roster: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/lama/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/2014-15/misc_non_event/2014-Fall-Camp-Roster.pdf

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I have to admit that I do not follow Lamar Football as closely as I follow Lamar Basketball, men's and women's, and Lamar Baseball and Softball. I make it out to every basketball scrimmage, every baseball fall series, and every softball fall ball game that I can. With football, I will usually make the last scrimmage before the season starts but I just can't get as excited until the season starts. However, I have only missed one home football game since it returned and that was the SFA game at home last season and only because it was my brother's bachelor party. I even go to at least one away game every year. This year it will be McNeese and TA&M. I say this to agree with KA, the buzz about this team will pick up. I think most people are like me and are just waiting for the last scrimmage where you can truly go evaluate what Lamar is going to be able to place on the field. You really can't see that the first scrimmage after the first week of practice.
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Some of you guys who pay more attention might know but are there other fall roster surprises (we knew that Wempa and Conn where not going to be here and Allen was an addition) are there, additions and deletions? I notice that WR Jesse Sparks is not on the roster after being on the team for 3 years.

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