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**SLC vs FBS Big Boys Games Thread**


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McNeese did awesome, the rest of us took it on the chin! I do think that Nebraska is declining under Pellini and also the move to the Big Ten. It took them out of their recruiting base. However I saw where UTSA played Arizona pretty salty losing by only 3. They are 1 year behind LU in startup (less years playing competitively). I know some will come on here and say they are in a big market and they are, and they have the Alamodome as a stadium, but I watched some of the game and that stadium was only about half full. LU, with the right leadership could be doing as well or better. There President, who is a lady, has a lot of moxy and thinks really big. That is the biggest problem at LU, thinking small.
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Don't forget UTSA got the call from the WAC to go FBS, LU didn't. I agree that LU leadership might have worked harder at getting LU into an FBS conference. Maybe LU could have found a donor to come up with enough money to hire a proven HC. LU should have fixed the basketball program years ago also. Twenty additional scholarships make a big difference.
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What is the problem that we are talking about? I am not quite following. Are we simply talking about the football and basketball teams not winning? Ae we talking wins an losses?


Do we just need a new football coach? We have have a new basketball coach. Are you guys ok with the new basketball coach? Are we on the right track in basketball now?


If we need to think bigger.. what do you mean? I respect both you guys... just curious as to your thoughts on the Lamar shortcomings and what you think we need to do to get on the right track.


For example, can you guys give me 3 things that we can do differently now that will mpact out athletics program in such a way that will enable Lamar to reach the level that you feel we should be at or could be at?


Just curious as to your thoughts.

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The Massey Composite ratings has Texas A&M #7, LSU #8 and Baylor #10. Here are the halftime scores of the LU, SHSU and NW State games:



LSU 35


NW State 3

Baylor 49


LU 3

A&M 31


LU has nothing to be embarrassed about for the first half of their game. It's the 4th quarter that made the score look ridiculous.

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