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** LU at HBU Game Thread **


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Men getting ready to start the home and home part of the conference season. LU is currently has 10 wins 8 losses overall and are 4 and 2 in the conference. LU needs to go five and seven over this last portion of the season to end up at five hundred for the overall season. I'm hoping for more. I think LU can win three games on the road and at least four at home to finish the year 17 and 15. It starts tonight. The conference new comers are better than many expected but I think HBU is a game LU can win with a solid effort. Ready for this game to begin.
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HBU hangs on to win 79 - 77. A bad stretch from about five minutes left in the first half to half time costs LU the game. Give HBU credit as they made 30 of 37 freethrows including about their first 19 before getting a little tight late in the second half. Anthony Holliday had another strong second half. Next up is SFA at the Montange on Monday night. SFA beat Sam by 11 at Sam this evening.
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Congratulations to Dom for her record setting night and the great comeback win. You have to win the game your suppost to win and the game started out slow for the Lady Cards.


The mens game was close, but if we had choosen to drive the basket like Hoilday earlier I think the big guys would have gotten fouls and played differently. The ref would not call a travel on them to save their soul. A couple of times our defense working good frustrated the

player and they traveled, but no call.


Photos from the game.......





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