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SFA at LU 7:00 PM Tonight


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Unfortunately this game turned out about as I expected. LU still doesn't have a 2nd outside shooter that can consistently hit a shot. Against SFA, LU had the wrong guys throwing the ball in early in the game. Why do you want your under six foot guard throwing the ball in under your own basket. Even if your idea is to get to a big man inside the ball the man throwing the ball in needs to be able to pass the ball not toss it up for a jump ball. Team played poorly overall.
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I hope your correct, but people have been saying that for about 15 years and at least three coaches. I hope Bosha has only hit the Freshman mid-season wall and fights through it. IMO he is not as aggressive as he was earlier in the season, either Price has a tighter reign on the players than he says he has or Bosha has become more indecisive. Saw at least a couple of times last night where he sat back when he should have gone for the bucket. Lamar needs a wing or power forward who gets the ball anywhere from twelve to twenty feet from the bucket and can drive and score, drive pull up and take the eight to ten footer or pop the ball where he gets it. Holiday is playing that way in the second half of games but he is not there when the game begins and he needs help. Like the way Gregory and Hollis are improving. Can't figure Ross out, appears to have the body and moves but plays like a slow motion highlight reel. Also not sure how it would work but I would like to see the combination of Tyran, Gregory and Hollis all on the court at the same time with Holliday and any of the other guards. Don't bother to press but pound the ball in on teams like SFA. Attack the basket. Edited by geezer
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I did not know of the injury either, Holiday is playing on an injured ankle though. He showed that at the HBU game. He played through it and tried to work his magic at the end of the game on that injured ankle.

SFA game was closer than score showed. We let them early get the lead and we just could not get over it. We stayed with them, not letting them run away with the game.


Game shots from the SFA game on the Facebook side of bigredinsider.....



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