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• Bunch of freshman played


• Wanted to see a little more downfield passing


• Gotta keep Alex Ball healthy. Not sure what happened on the 1st and 3rd kickoffs but after that he was money into the endzone. Also was drilling 47 yarders with ease while warming up for the 2nd half.


• Return teams need to learn where you can legally block (hint it's not in the back)


• Rodney Randle needs to work on judging kicks but man he can fly


• Will Wowkanyn (#93) is very quick off the ball


• OL needs to clean up the procedure penalties


• Keegan Mitchell danced a little too much at times and missed the hole. Woodard ripped into him pretty good after he had a 1st down but back tracked and lost that yardage on a 4th down. I'm sure he'll learn as he gets reps.


• Rotated a lot of DL. Liked seeing so much depth. Bodes well going forward.


• Defense started the game in a 4 down lineman set on defense deviating from our 3-4 base.

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I believe his redshirt for this year is burned. He could potentially redshirt next year but if he is good enough to get some playing time this year and is a good possibility to be the starter next year game snaps this year are important for the future. Edited by geezer
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Correct geezer. 2 types of redshirts.


Normal Redshirt: Player does not participate in any play throughout an entire season. Typically your freshman season but can be anytime in your career.


Medical Redshirt: Player can play in up to 30% of of games but have season end due to injury. Also they can not appear in a game after the midway point of the season.


If a player had already used his Normal Redshirt and has a season ending injury later in his career he may appeal to the NCAA for a 6th season. This is what Anthony Beard and Jacody Coleman have done although they both decided to not play after they were given a 6th year

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