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** Nicholls at LU Game Thread **


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Bear Christianson doesn't look like a linebacker.


At 6-foot-6 and 205 pounds, the freshman already towers over the rest of the Cardinals' linebackers, and he isn't finished growing.

Christianson is in the early stages of growing as a linebacker, too, which has Cardinals' head coach Ray Woodard excited.

"(Bear) had a real big frame in high school for a guy who can run the way he runs," Woodard said. "He should be an inch or two taller before he leaves. He's only going to get better."

Christianson has spent most of his first season on special teams but has started working his way into the linebacker rotation, something Christianson wasn't expecting before college.



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It's going to another wet game tonight.


We're bringing our rain gear, but has the forecast changed?


Based on the hourly forecasts I looked at, it looked like the predictions were for the rain to tail off in the afternoon prior to the game with cloudy skies for the game. Of course, the game is in Southeast Texas so predictions, especially extended ones, are difficult except to broadly say "subject to change". :)


It looks wet over there right now.

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Our horrible defense gives up 400+ yards rushing, we still have a chance to win, we have the ball in the center of the field on the 10 yd line but our brilliant coaches rush and run another play and get it on the left hash mark to make a very easy would be field goal into a much harder one. Kudos to the coaching staff.


Of course, Kade was Kade. One man team

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