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Monday's Game vs TAMU-CC to be televised on ASN


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The Lamar University Cardinals' game against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Monday, Jan. 11 will be televised on the American Sports Network. In addition to the game being added to the broadcast schedule, it will also be moved to an 8 p.m. tip, which is a change from the original 7 p.m. start time.

The announcement comes just 24 hours after LU announced a deal with ESPN3 which will have the Cardinals' remaining home games aired on either of the two networks.



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Asked a question in one of the other game threads regarding Chatman's ball handling skills, looked at the stats after his second or third turnover in this game and saw where he has the most turnovers for the Cards this season. Based on that it would appear he doesn't yet have the skills to move out from the basket to a small forward position.
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Whether it's Booze, Jones, Garth or Davis; Lamar needs a point guard who is more committed to taking care of the basketball and playing defense than he is about getting a shot off. While I don't think Davis is really playing the point guard very much his size and stats would make him similar. A couple of stats to look at for point guards: Minutes between turnovers: Booze 9.5 , Davis 20.2 , Garth 12.4 , Jones 10.3 Assist to Turnover ratio: Booze 1.7 , Davis 1.8 , Garth 1.4 , Jones 0.9 As a team Lamar is averaging 15 turnovers a game and 24 fouls, both of these numbers need to come down significantly for LU to become a real threat in conference.
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