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Lamar MBB at Rice


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Rice must be really bad if LU didn't fold in the second half. Hopefully they can start piling up the wins.

I actually went to the game (why? i’m Not sure) and Lamar played with more intensity throughout the game than I’ve seen them play with this year. They did struggle at the free throw line more than they should have down the stretch, but Garth made 4 in a row to seal the win. I didn’t understand the Rice coaching, but I think it actually helped the Cards. One decision was to play #23 (Peterson) and #32 (Williams) most of the game and were non-factors on offense as the repeatedly threw up bricks and took bad shoots. When towards the end of the game when Rice made their run it was led by Martin and Murphy, their substitutes. Overall Rice was not athletic enough to play with Lamar, especially inside.

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I listened to a little over half of the game on my drive back from a wedding yesterday and was pleased that LU appeared to have played most of the whole game with a lot of intensity on defense especially. One of our announcers stated that at least at one point in the second half as Rice was cutting into the lead LU seemed to be in love with the three point shot even though they weren't making any. I remember Garth taking at least two or three during that stretch that didn't go in. As for Rice, no their not that good. I watched them play Wichita State a week or so ago and get clobbered. WSU is in a similar position to Lamar this year in that they have like eight new players on the squad and have played some what inconsistent but really have much better talent than U. I agree the Houston game will give a good indication of what to expect the rest of the year. Can LU be a regular season first or second place team in the SLC or will it be less. Houston should be at least a 8 or 9 seed in the NCAA tourney.
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