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Basketball commits and signees


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For what it's worth, here are the RCSSports.com Rankings:


#4 Kharee McDaniel SFA

#9 Pierce Hellums SHSU

#10 Calvin Solomon SFA

#11 Collin Warren NcNeese

#12 Corey Nickerson LU

#16 Anderson Kopp LU

#17 Noah Thomasson HBU

#22 Zach Iyeyemi HBU

#35 Evan Palmquist McNeese



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I agree that replacing Nzeakor is a bigger deal than replacing Garth. Nickerson sounds like the guy that Price is counting on. A 6-8 player that can consistently make the mid range jumper is something Lamar hasn't had for years. The part of Nzeakor's game that will be most missed is his defensive effort, but Josh had inconsistencies. His best quality was that you almost always got 100% effort. Down side for me was until this last year he was really prone to foul problems that either affected his rebounding or scoring and he didn't have a consistent shot from the mid range. We'll see if Nickerson lives up to the hype. As for Garth, Hunter and Buster showed the ability to replace his scoring last year. If Hunter can stay healthy and Buster improves from his late season performances Lamar is in pretty good shape from the guard scoring.
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First off hello all !


Some updates on the 2019 class


Kain Harris is transferring in from Kent State

And was previously at Tulane


Check the link out looks like an instant contribution to the team if hes healthy




Also with this addition we will be losing Grehlon Easter he has enter the transfer portal

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Both Foster and Sullivan showed a little promise the last few weeks of the season. Can't say if Price had just relied on Nzeakor early on or if they finally began to step up knowing he wasn't returning. I'm hoping they come around.
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He averaged about 3 ppg his one year at Kent State I really hope he can be somewhat healthy and productive for us.


He was voted 6th man his Freshman year at Tulane we desperately need that for Lamar if Harris or Kopp make an immediate impact along with Atwood , (Buster not too concerned about ), Foster , Sullivan , Jeudy , or Nickerson just being someone to rely on in the paint we got a shot at being a top tier team in conference.... Hell I believe we can win the Southland to be honest

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