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Nice article and interview with Kasen Harrison


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SBG (Beaumont, Texas)


6’2” Guard


Class of 2020


Let me preface by stating there were hundreds of outstanding prospects on hand at On the Radar’s Elite 32 and I did not evaluate every player in attendance. However, I personally tracked SBG combo guard Kasen Harrison all weekend and he was the best player I saw, hands down. With the attention on courts 1 and 2 during the first wave of games, I wandered down to court 3 and was blown away with Harrison’s performance.


His effortless dominance prompted me to watch him all week and I realized he was no fluke. The south-paw combo guard torched every defense thrown his way and created a strong buzz among coaches. Several mid to high level programs checked Harrison’s availability despite his verbal commitment to Lamar University.




Offensive efficiency: He is not a volume shooter and takes what the defense gives him. He gets to the rack at will, knocks down the 3-ball at a high-clip, and makes precision pocket passes to open teammates. Simply put, this kid is an offensive juggernaut that makes quick work of the opposition.


Areas For Improvement


On ball defense: His SBG squad played mostly zone & press defenses. But there were moments where coach called man-to-man and I would’ve liked for Harrison to sit down and keep opponents in front rather than take gambles reaching. All considered, he has the ability to defend when challenged, but if there is an area for improvement it would be on-ball defense.


Kowacie Reeves is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops.

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It is good to see a local that wants to stay home. Hope he still feels that way if the fears or hopes of many posters on this board get their wish and Price is gone after this year. Personally I think that Price has a chance because at least on paper the recruiting is looking up for some good runs if the players perform to expectations and most stay for the duration.
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I agree and the place I want to see Lamar in all sports is consistently top three in the confence with multiple back to back years of championships and NCAA appearances including winning some games. Also agree that the number of players who have left this year that have not completed their degree seems high and would like to know if there is a problem with the program or just a fluke since the NCAA has made it a requirement that a high number of players finish their degree for a school to stay eligible for tourney appearances. That said my real point is yep it is nice to have a local stand out that wants to stay home but don't intend to get to excited about players until they at least have signed a National Letter of Intent.
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I’d love to see the Cards keep PA Memorial PF Kenneth Lofton, Jr. home.


The kid exploded on the summer circuit, earning offers from Georgetown & UMASS. Anyone in the SLC would take him along with Louisiana Tech, Texas State & other in-state programs.


Hope he stays close and wants to put on for his city.

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