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Men’s Basketball Loses Five Players?

Fear The Bird

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Is he possibly going to be a summer graduate and transfer again to more major conference school? As for as how many have left, I think it is just the state of college basketball. Not knowing any of the reasons for anyone, but when a freshman part time starter leaves a major program like the University of Kansas after one season and you start looking at the number of players going into the transfer portal from everywhere, you start wondering what's with the players? For most it is playing time, for some it is personalities issues within the team for others maybe it's the chance to go somewhere better. I think it's gotten too easy for players to leave.
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Lamar University men's basketball team bolstered its lineup Wednesday with the additions of the Anthony Cameron (6-8/270/F/Chicago, Ill.), Kain Harris (6-4/200/G/Kent State), David Muoka (6-10/210/C/Hong Kong) and Ayaan Sohail (6-3/185/G/El Paso, Texas) announced head coach Tic Price.

The newest additions bring the Cardinals' incoming class to seven players with the additions of Corey Nickerson, Ellis Jefferson and Anderson Kopp in May.

"With the incoming class we've addressed several needs," said Price. "One of the biggest needs coming into this recruiting season was finding guys who could really shoot the ball and we've been able to do that with our perimeter guys. In the post, we wanted to add some length and some guys who could bang down low and we achieved that too.

"We've added some real high-characters guys as well who take care of business in the classroom," added Price.



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Reading between the lines, the LU article sounds like at least one or two might have not lived up to the education standards that Price expects. As for basketball abilities I agree that the loss of Barrett and Hunter are the two biggest based on what they did last year. The others all had potential to do good things for themselves and LU, but for a lot of athletes even though getting the degree should be the number one priority, playing time is really number one. Hunter may be looking at going overseas to play. I wouldn't expect any other D-1 school to pick him up as a one year only guy. He is good but not a program maker.
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