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Ex PNG star just got promoted.


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Before the start of the 2019 season, Roschon Johnson, UT signee, was sitting at #3 on the QB depth chart. His chances of seeing the field were slim to none. He wanted a chance to play and volunteered to back up the RB room because the RB's were nursing several injuries. For the game vs La Tech, he slid into the #3 spot behind Keaontay Ingram and all everything freshman Jordan Whittington. Again, his chances of seeing the field were slim to none. That was then and you got to be kidding me now. Whittington goes down, with a groin injury and will probably be out for 4-6 weeks. Roschon Johnson has been promoted to #2.


One year ago, Roschon was getting ready to play Huntsville in 5AII ball. In less than a week, he will be on the field and playing versus the #6 LSU Tigers, in a nationally televised game of the week. Normally, you would think that this has disaster written all over it but I don't think so. He enrolled early, at UT, and has now bulked up to 220lbs. The Texas coaches think he can do it, Roschon thinks he can do it, and I think the football God's have once again written a UT Horatio Alger story.


Congratulations, Roschon, you asked for a chance and now you have it, on the biggest Saturday Night week 2 football stage of 2019. UT football always has room for the next story of football immortality. For some reason, I feel that it has your name on it. Good luck, give em hell, and Hook 'Em.

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This year, Ingram was supposed to be the featured RB but not anymore. Roschon Johnson is tearing it up as a UT RB. Johnson's stats vs West Virginia were 21/121 yards and earned him Big 12 Newcomer of the Week. He runs, catches, pass blocks, and he moves the chains.


Roschon vs ou this weekend. UT had better make some space, in the Red River Rivalry Immortality Book. I've got a feeling that Roschon is about to get his own chapter.

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when texas screws him over like atm did dustin long.he can come back here and lead us to a national championship.i hope ut doesnt do that but a guy can dream.all png talk is good with me:biggrin:.


Texas, literally had a "who knew" stud RB walk in their office and the rest is and will be history. He ain't going back to QB. Nothing, just an update, on a local kid doing well.

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