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SLC Opener: Lamar vs SeLa


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Wednesday evening is the opening day for the SLC race. Lamar men are at home versus Southeastern La in a 7:00 PM game. Lamar comes into the game ranked at 215 following the loss to TCU. Cards are favored to win, but there is only one common opponent to date. SELA defeated Southern of N.O. by five points a week before LU defeated Southern by seventeen. Looked like Kopp was suited up at TCU but did not play. This years conference schedule gives the Cards a good chance to start out with some early conference wins. Must not let this first one slip away.
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Cards got the win but not having seen much of the game I don't understand why Sohail and Nickerson didn't play any. They both gave some decent minutes in the non-conference. What I saw of Kopp I liked. He didn't try to force anything and show how great he is. His effort in the overtime on defense and the offensive boards was important in obtaining the win. He only shot 50% from the free throw line and really didn't look like he was comfortable as he seemed to be falling forward on each of his attempts. Will have to wait and see if that is something related to his injury and will improve as he gets more playing time and builds up endurance.
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