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BAsketball HBU Rematch February 15th


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Went to the ladies game today. I like coach Franklin, but we looked bad. They were more aggressive, had very active hands, and appeared to be more athletic. HBU had a good game. They made shots that I assume don’t normally go in. The officiating was Bad, but that’s not why we lost. HBU hustled for the ball and we watched. IMO, there is no reason why a team like HBU should have more talent and that’s what it looked like. They play in a gym that most high schools would not play in. It was a frustrating game and when we let them into the game in the second quarter, they took it. It was a full fledged blow out in the second half. We fought to keep it under 20.
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Don’t forget Coach Franklin will have her first recruiting class next year.She has a 6’2” post with skills sitting out who transferred from Kansas.Robin’s departure and Aqua’s signing left little recruiting time which is typical during coach changes.When the coach decides to leave you often have less time to recruit than when coaches are not retained.At least she didn’t lose scholarships and have to significantly raise APR in recruiting,4 year averages are tough to impact quickly, like coach Price had to do his first couple years to regain tournament eligibility after Pat Knight’s poor academic oversight.
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