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Big Red Headed to Nicholls


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I can't tell you when the last time Lamar wasn't weak in the post. But even worse Lamar doesn't know how to use a post player. Price hasn't developed a post player or even a forward through coaching from what I have seen. The only time Lamar plays efficiently is if they can play quick enough not to have to set up in a five on five half court game. Once you get to that Lamar just runs around the perimeter and forces a late shot. That is still poor coaching. Also Lamar consistently has a smaller line up than their opponent. I don't understand how Price decides who gets playing time, but Nickerson, Eisa, Smith and Bennet are all as good or better than Jefferson and Kopp. I'll give Harrison a pass to this point as he is a freshman. Buster is a streak shooter and when he is on, it's great but when he's not he is a liability more often than not.
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Why is Price still the head coach?


I like Coach Price and hope that he can get this team turned around and finish in the Top 3 in conference. If he can't get the team motivated and focused then a change can be expected because Lamar will not be out any money as in a buyout of his contract.


Coach Price contract expires in April 2021.



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I liked Rocoforte too but that doesn't mean he was a really good coach and was going to get the program back to where it was in the seventies and eighties. Assuming the rumors of a move to the WAC are true, the overall competition will be tougher and the mediocracy Lamar has performed at under Price in the SLC definitely won't cut it in a tougher conference.
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