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LU vs Central Arkansas


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Who is Lamar's third string quarterback? Chandler was on the sideline the last series in a walking boot. Hopefully it is just a sprain but he may not be ready next week.


Idk, but Chandler should be the clear cut starter. Dummet is good running the ball but Chandler is a much better passer. Chandler runs well too but Dummet is bigger/stronger. We totally scrapped the flex bone the second half. I thought, after last weeks game, we would have scrapped it for this game. But oh no, dimwit coaches wanted to keep trying it in first half. Most of our rushing yards came out of spread offense. It is a shame we had such an awful game plan the first half

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I feel like Marco Born is doing nothing to promote the football program. It seems like he wants football dropped again. No more cardinal club, no more game notes for football, one radio announcer on 560 and nothing to promote attendance. We are shortcutting everything. Add all the little things add up and combine it with a non competitive football team and it will be easy to justify not having a football budget. Shameful, because we could have a good football program. Attendance is poor instead of really poor because our band still brings people in, of course they leave after halftime.


absolutely no promotion. Is it intentional because we suck? Nothing out of LU, nothing from City of Beaumont. Hell, they dont even sell game programs.


i saw they were giving out a ton of free tshirts to students during the week. About 20 showed up.

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