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C-USA realignment rumors


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The rumor on Sam has been ongoing for at least a week. I think the big question for both Sam and NMSU is will CUSA ultimately survive. As of last week they were down to five with two more schools potentially leaving. I believe Liberty and UMass are potential candidates for new members also but that only gets CUSA back to seven if all four of those join. Also this will be a really big jump for Sam. They average less than 8000 attendance for football with a two year average requirement of 15 for FBS and a stadium that doesn't hold 15 to my knowledge. There may be an expansion planned or underway.
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The implosion of CUSA has created a lot of chaos. I wouldn't be surprised if LU hasn't contacted CUSA about joining. Of course LU football sucks, but if a few big money backers are offering to put money into LU football and athletics then I could see it happening. If feels like LU is jumping from one sinking ship to the next. Since they can never get their act together it's probably only a matter of time before they go down with the ship, whichever one they finally end up on.
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