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Northern Colorado.


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Time for Morgan to figure out you need a quarterback that is a passer who can run as opposed to a runner that maybe can pass. Two missed throws to wide open receivers after the NCU turnover.


Absolutely. I had a severe misconception that Chandler could pass. Possibly because he has a fairly strong arm. However, he is extremely inaccurate and locks in on one receiver. Fortunately our offensive line is actually winning on running plays so we should easily win this game

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Take a couple shots to the end zone!


Why would any non-brain dead person continue to play Chandler after what he has done so far coupled with that absolutely HORRIBLE first half? MORGAN MADE THE CHANGE WAY TOO LATE!!! CAN WE PLEASE FIRE THIS IMBECILE AND MOVE ON!!!! GEEEEEEEEEZUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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