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According to records obtained by the Enterprise, Lamar's athletic department brought in $18,882,235 in revenue last year, compared to $18,854,203 in expenses.

O'Malley said travel savings were significant in the Southland across Lamar's athletic department. He admitted it's hard to compare fluctuating flight and hotel costs from year to year, but O'Malley estimated the athletic department saved $350,000 in travel expenses by returning to the Southland. For a department operating on a $28,000 profit, it's a serious chunk of change.

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With last years football and men's basketball records there is no doubt had Lamar been in the WAC the athletic department would have lost money. Since they are in the Southland I will refrain from any serious discussion on costs, but the question for the sake of discussion is in the future if Lamar returns to winning consistently in those two sports where would the most potential profit be?
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