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MBB at Longwood MTE


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The three games in the Longwood MTE will give a strong indication of how the rest of the year may go. All three of the teams Lamar will face are ones that the Cardinals should compete well against. Coming off the loss at Pacific, how will the Cards handle the next close game. I read through the play by play of the end of that game and there appeared to be very similar traits in the last few minutes to several of last year's losses, but how did the Cards let an 18-point lead slip down to that point. Pacific was a true road loss and two of these three are neutral court games, so the home court advantage isn't an excuse. Tipoff for Lamar's first game is 4:30.
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Lamar beat a team who had a 3-1 record prior to the game today. Nice win, Cardinals!

Yes, they were three and one, but their wins weren't against the quality of teams Lamar has played so far. Tomorrows game against Longwood will be a tougher test.

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Lamar falls by eleven, 83-72. Cardinals trailed by as many as twenty-six in the second half, before closing the gap. Cardinals couldn't stop Longwood in a man to man, but switched to a 1-3-1 zone which seemed to keep Longwood from getting as many open looks and Lamar was able to start really pressing getting two five second calls on Longwood trying to get the ball in bounds. Biggest positive of this game was that Lamar never quit.
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