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Official Southestern Louisiana at Lamar Game Thread


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Southestern Louisiana Lions at Lamar Cardinals

Saturday - September 29th 2012 - 3:00 p.m. CST

Provost Umphrey Stadium - Beaumont, Texas


Southestern Louisiana Lions (1-3, 1-0) v. Lamar Football Cardinals (2-2, 0-0)

Lamar welcomes Southeastern La. for Southland opener

Lamar Game Notes

Southeastern La. Game Notes

LU Roster

LU Info Guide

SELA Roster




Cardinals on Demand




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Game Prediction Thread


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Depth Chart changes:


Darrell Harris is the backup RB behind Simms, replacing Garrett.

Jayce Nelson is the backup WR behind Franks, replacing the injured Begelton.

Gladney is the backup WR behind Ford, replacing the injured Handy.

All 3 guys are true freshmen (so is Handy while Begelton is a RS-freshman).


Kelso is the starting LG, replacing Wempa.

Wempa is the backup RG (switched with Kelso).

Coaches are still tweaking the OL.


On defense, LB Malbrough is no longer on the two-deep. Jestin White is now starting and Josh James is his backup.

Is Malbrough hurt?


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While Garrett may have been the best we had last year, perhaps the new guys have overtaken him based on his performance and theirs this year. At least in the coaches opinion and whether any of us like it or not the coaches opinion is the one that counts. Pesonally I hope that Garrett can do what ever it takes to get his job back as that will make LU better overall.
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Guest CardAmbassador

It sucks that this game is at 3pm I'll still be in Houston when the game starts. :(


So not sure how to feel about this one. We've beat SELU for two years in a row at their place, seems like we should be able to pull out a win at home if we can get some offensive production.

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