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Knee Braces For O-LINE


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In my opinion, we have the best O-line coach in the conference. We also have the best facilities in the conference. I have seen where inefficiencies or other perceived inadequacies have been corrected.. Case in point, we have a new strength coach who has implemented new programs which i believe are great and helpful to our athletes. So props to the o line and strength coach. And to Woodard and Kueck for getting the right people on staff.


If our coaches could right every single thing that people don't agree with, I'm sure they would because these guys care.


I would like to make a recommendation, to you. For the folks who want or need knee braces for their children go to the computer find what you need, buy it, ship it to the athlete in need. This is a great way 'we' can support our athletes , our coaches, and our team. If someone cannot afford a knee brace for their athlete , message me and i will buy you one. Its the least i can do. Let's let our coaches do their job for goodness sake.

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There are opinions you can find about whether to wear and not to wear the knee braces but I do know one thing, for players under Bill Parcels coached teams linemen were REQUIRED to wear them. I am sure he had a darn good reason and it would at least be worth a thought or two about it.
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