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Women's hoops opens season tonight


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Friday will be a banner day for the Lamar Lady Cardinals, as they unveil their Southland Conference championship and WNIT banners from last season as well receive their championship rings prior to their 7 p.m. tipoff against Louisiana in the women's basketball season opener for both teams at the Montagne Center.


"It's a celebration of last season," Lamar women's basketball coach Robin Harmony said. "I know the players are going to love the rings. And it is always special to raise a banner. The great thing about a banner is that it is forever. The players will be able to come back years from now and point out their accomplishment."



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I agree, the loss of Jemisha was evident last night. Way too many turnovers for the young guards that Harmony brought in. Bailey O'dell looked fantastic at times. Laka racked up the rebounds but looked lacking on the offensive end. She just looked slow. Several other freshmen got good minutes and I was really underwhelmed but what I saw from them. Not a single scoring threat outside of Dom Edwards and O'dell so some other freshmen are going to have to step it up. Overall it was a pathetic performance by the ladies. The freshmen just did not know how to handle the speed of the D1 game. But they got some good playing time and experience, however, I am worried. The lack of a floor general is not going to bode well. Someone needs to step up quick.
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I have to repeat what I've been saying about the men's team. Don't judge on a small sample size. Big T, you said it yourself, there's a lot of Freshmen on the team. They got their feet wet against a pretty good team. Coach Harmony will get these girls together and we will be proud of this Lady Cardinal team before it's all over with. I take that back, we should already be proud of them because they represent us. This team will get better.

As far as the men's and women's teams are concerned I just point back to what Dan Hooks did for years at West-Orange Stark. He didn't give a hang about pre-district and he played everyone to see who was going to fit in the team's makeup. By district the Mustangs won and won and won again. We may be so used to sub par teams at Lamar we just take a loss as the way it's going to be. Have hope, fellow Cards maybe a new day is dawning in Beaumont. This time of year, when season's begin, hope springs eternal and there is no status quo. Assume nothing and you won't be disappointed later, or have to eat crow either. Go Cards.

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