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New Defensive Position Coaches


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Word I'm getting is that the 2 new coaches will be Willie Mack Garza and John Blake. Garza will take over the DBs with Ben Beasley shifting from DBs to LBs. Blake will fill the DL position.


Garza spent the 2015 season coaching LBs/ST Coordinator at Prairie View A&M, however, that was the only season he hasn't coached in the secondary. His career has included stops at Western Michigan ('97-00), TCU ('01-'03), Tarleton State ('04), North Dakota State ('05-'08), Tennessee ('09), USC ('10), Pearl River CC ('13-'14). The stops at North Dakota State and Pearl River he was also the DC. Garza played collegiately at Texas where he was a 4 year starter all over the secondary.


The hiring of John Blake is the one that may turn some heads...in more ways than one. His career has seen stops at Tulsa ('87-'88 DL), Oklahoma ('89 DL, '90-'92 LB, '96-'98 HC), Dallas Cowboys ('93-'95 DL), Mississippi St. ('03), Nebraska ('04-'06), North Carolina ('07-'10). Obviously on the surface you see they guys has a lot of experience up to the coaching the DL of 2 Super Bowl teams and being the HC of one of the premier schools in college football. What is going to raise eyebrows is why he has not coached since 2010. The answer is that he was involved in an NCAA investigation where it was determined he received personal loans from an agent that was also involved with UNC players and then misleaded NCAA investigators. In March of 2012, he received a 3 year "show cause" penalty which is an effective ban from coaching for his part. Obviously some people won't like this hire due to the negativity but I'm sure after being forced out he will do what it takes to keep his nose clean. No doubt he has lots of experience and the Super Bowl rings won't hurt recruiting.

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After a little more research, looks like Willie Mack Garza has had some NCAA trouble as well. For anyone who follows FBS recruiting you probably know the name Willie Lyles. He was what they call a street agent. Basically he helped shopped HS kids around to colleges at a fee. Garza stepped down from USC after he was linked to Lyles during his time at USC under Lane Kiffen. These are risky hires but I think the can very high reward hires as well.
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upgrade your talent pool and upgrade your coaching staff. Their resume's show that they are an exponential upgrade to the coaching staff. Everyone makes mistakes and, in most cases, everyone deserves a second chance. Welcome aboard.

Two more guys out of work, if they're any good they will be gone.

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IMHO, very interesting hires. From a coaching aspect, looks to be a big improvement. Does anyone know what Blake has been doing during his hiatus from coaching?


Here's a little insight. I think it bodes well for his ability and character. I'm personally grateful these two new coaches were hired.



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