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Carthel to SFA?

puddin tane

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Understand some of you wish Lamar had hired him instead of Schultz and I think it might have been a good hire, but LU has Schultz and he proved a lot of us wrong at least temporarily. If Carhell is the hire at SFA I say good for him and them both as anything that overall improves the quality of the SLC is good for Lamar. LU just has to continue to beat SFA in the future.
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That’s a really good hire for them and I believe he will turn SFA around quickly. On a good note he might not be at SFA long. However if he is scooped up by an FBS team within a couple of years that probably means that SFA is back in the upper echelon of the SLC again.


I went over to KatFans to see what their thoughts were and they weren’t too pleased with it. However, one of them found out the job was posted on indeed.com. Then another poster went and applied for the job lol. That’s what rivalries are about!

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Interesting that SFA AD Ryan Ivey also hired Carthel back when he was AD at Texas A&M Commerce.


He will take over a program that went 2-7 this year under interim Head Coach Jeff Byrd. Byrd was given control of the the program for the season after former head coach Clint Conque resined in June. Conque was serving a suspension for allegedly violating university policies.


How convenient for Ivey to get rid of Conque and bring in his coach!



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