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Massey Ratings


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LU is doing awesome in football and basketball:


Basketball - rated at 314 out of 358 D1 teams, and last in the WAC.


Football - rated 115 out of 128 FCS teams, and last in the WAC/ASUN challenge.


Give Born a raise for the fine job he's doing as AD!


Of course!


Oh- fer in both football and volleyball. Is men's basketball next? Scheduled way too tough with this group. The next 2 games are on road at Texas Tech and Mississippi State. Serious question. Who can we beat in WAC? Long season so I'm (relatively) sure we'll win a couple in the conference. But maybe destined to last place.

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I dont believe volleyball and womens golf get the suckage recognition they deserve.

Women's golf was last in all fall tourneys except last tourney.


Why only 4 players? Are more players coming in Spring?


Will softball (awful) or baseball (pretty awful) going to be better?

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With all the success of LU athletics of course Marco deserves a raise. I am sure the attendance numbers have skyrocketed under his leadership. Like many of our head coaching hires, Marco is drowning. It is fourth down and 50, can we please punt!
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Exciting times at LU. Looking at the composite rankings, football ended the season ranked 115 out of 128 teams. Basketball is currently sitting at 335 out of 358 teams. Go LU!!


Who do we lose to next? Can't wait to watch another soft effort by the basketball team.

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