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Football at SMU


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Cards come back to get a field goal to end the half. Cards down by fourteen at the half. Cards play calling is a little more balanced than for the last couple of years with 25 rushing and 15 passing attempts in the first half. Edited by geezer
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Noticed in stats that a guy who was at Wisconsin Lutheran (D3 and not one of the powers) last year played QB late. Is he the #2?


I believe he is. Nick Yockey. He had at least one really good spring game stat wise. Chandler 10-25 with an interception. Going into this year I felt like Chandler needed to be the starter. If he is going to complete less than 50% I hope we do not wait long to see what Yockey can do.

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Final score 45-16. Good news Lamar had 16 first downs on 43 rushing attempts and 33 pass attempts. Bad news Lamar turned the ball over on their first two possessions. Still too many mistakes on both sides of the ball. Chance for a win next week.


On another positive note, we did not get coached like scared lil weenies who did not have a chance. Went for it 2 or 3 times on 4th down? Actually tried to make a first down in some tough third down situations.

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